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The Department of Health’s Better Health Channel has launched a free iPhone and iPad app to help Victorians take control of their health and wellbeing anytime, anywhere.

Download the free app here

The app delivers comprehensive, reliable and easy to understand information and enables Victorians to search, find and browse health information – all of which has been quality assured by medical experts.

The app’s ‘Find a Health Service’ function allows users to quickly locate and view directions to many health services including doctors, dentists and pharmacists.    




On 20 June the Transport Workers Union led a vehicle convoy made up of hundreds of trucks, buses and supporters vehicles to the lawns of Parliament House in Canberra to show support for the Federal Government’s commitment to put in place a system of Safe Rates and Conditions for truck drivers.

Pictured: Safe Rates Advisory Committee inlcuding Wayne Mader TWU (Vic/Tas) Branch Secretary to the left of (then) Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard


SafeRatesConvoy200610037 SafeRatesConvoy200610030
SafeRatesConvoy200610032 SafeRatesConvoy200610034

The Union has been lobbying for some time for a system of safe rates, which allow truck drivers to receive full cost recovery for their work including flexible payments for rising fuel costs, as well as paid waiting times.

Drivers can spend up to 22 hours a week of unpaid time waiting to load and unload goods at the docks of major retailers. Drivers are then forced to push themselves and that is causing accidents.

Wayne Mader, Branch Secretary said, “Achieving safe rates isfundamental to tackling fatigue in our industry. Drivers who are forced to queue for hours are working unsafe hours. Drivers in our industry don’t want to work under unsafe driving schedules in order to make a living.

The Union’s campaign for safe rates focuses on:

  • minimum rates of pay and full cost recovery for drivers
  • paid for waiting times, flexible delivery times
  • rates that compensate drivers for fuel and maintenance
  • holding clients accountable.


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Click here to support the Safe Rates Campaign


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INJURED workers can now get all the information they need about workers' compensation with just one phone call.

Worker Assist is a new, FREE service that provides information, advice and case management on matters relating to workers’ compensation, rehabilitation and return-to-work, and support for claimants under the proposed Asbestos Related Diseases Compensation Scheme.

It has been established by Unions Tasmania, with support from the Tasmanian Government and WorkCover Tasmania and arises out of the WorkCover Return to Work and Injury Management Model, which aims to ensure a best-practice approach to healing injured workers and getting them back to work.

The model is a genuine attempt to shift the focus from compensation to co-operative injury management and return-to-work. It recognises the important role that work plays in an individual’s social, economic and psychological well-being, and the fact that most people want to get better and get back to work.

Key elements of Worker Assist are it is:

  • Free to Use
  • Easy to Access
  • Factual
  • Unbiased
  • Helpful
  In addition to being a telephone information service, Worker Assist provides case management support and assistance for workers referred by the Workplace Standards Helpline, unions or by direct contact. Typically, workers are expected to contact Worker Assist when:
  • experiencing barriers;
  • unsure about legal obligations;
  • confused by conflicting information or direction;
  • frustrated by perceived lack of action;
  • unsure what to do; and,
  • a claim for compensation, expenses or other entitlements is in 
  • dispute.

For more information, call 1 300 0 assist or email



The ACTU has commissioned the first ever national inquiry into insecure work. The research will explore the extent and impact of casual, short and fixed term contracts, labour hire and contracting in Australia. 

A new report by the ACTU shows that about 40% of Australian workers are employed in insecure forms of employment. These workers, many of them in the transport industry, miss out on regular hours of work, holiday pay, sick leave and much more.


Submissions will open on 2 November. For more information go to You can also find more information on Facebook and Twitter.


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